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Few words... we appreciate that you have chosen EasyMoon® menstrual cup. We work hard on our product to ease women's periods all over the world. 


Take care of it

It is important to disinfect or sterilize your EasyMoon® menstrual cup before and after use. Soak your cup for 3 minutes in boiling water before first use. After this, you can use a silicon-friendly cleaner, or antibacterial soap before and after use. Clean your hands thoroughly before insertion of EasyMoon® menstrual cup.


It's a snap!

After you have washed your hands, c-folded the sterilized menstrual cup, then hold the bottom of the menstrual cup and push into the vagina gently until it reaches the cervix.


Adapt it well and forget about the menstrual cup at all

You can rotate the menstrual cup slightly for maximum comfort and make sure of proper placement. With correct insertion, the menstrual cup will sit comfortably within the vaginal walls.
These muscles will help to keep the menstrual cup stand still and make leak-free protection.


When the periods ends hide it in the plastic container

Hold the bottom of the menstrual cup with your fingers and press the menstrual cup slightly, sitting or hovering over the toilet, then gently drag the menstrual cup down and into the air until released. Flush contents into the toilet. Thoroughly clean your EasyMoon® menstrual cup as due to this instruction and re-insert it according to your personal menstruation situation, or hide it in the plastic container till the next use.

Сarry and store

Last, but not least

Easymoon® gives you two menstrual cups (size Small and Large) for normal and heavy flow days, also women used it as pre-birth and after given a life. You can take it everywhere with a plastic container and stylish, natural 100% cotton bag.

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