About EasyMoon® Company

Our mission is to make periods easier

We understand women!

For a long time, our company has been trying to solve a problem that challenges every woman on this planet.
Womanhood manifests itself in the difference in physiology from men - they never understand it!
We interviewed thousands of women and asked what they would have improved in their lives, which could help them in their everyday lives.Here's what we got - almost all respondents wanted to ease the menstrual period.
Thus the company EasyMoon® was founded with the product of our pride and pride of all women - EasyMoon® Menstrual Cup.
Our company EasyMoon® has focused on making a safe product for women and safe for the environment.
The planet Earth is our Mother, and it is painful for us to observe the increase of waste and goods that can not be reused or recycled.
That is why we have applied to the mission of saving our mother Earth and designed our EasyMoon® Menstrual Cup of reusable use for up to 10 years. This will give impressive results, and the next generation will tell us - Thank you!

What makes our EasyMoon® Menstrual Cup better?

We began by testing the products of the major players in the market and realized that they all had disadvantages. In our EasyMoon® Menstrual Cup, we fixed these disadvantages.
We changed shape, for better ergonomics, rounded edges, removed all the dangerous substances, the material is now extremely soft, we added holes from above the cup to avoid the effect of the sucker, for easy removal.
EasyMoon® Menstrual Cup is easy to wash, you do not need to spend extra effort or special detergents.

Manufacturing a menstrual cup.

At each stage of production, we conduct automatic and manual quality testing. And also, selectively, from each batch, our EasyMoon® Menstrual Cups are tested by women during the real menstrual period to ensure 100% confidence in quality.

Do not resist a new, better and easier menstrual period with EasyMoon® Menstrual Cup.

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satisfied customer Nataly
Thank you so much for all your work and time spended. I definatly recommend to use an EasyMoon Menstrual Cup for all women.
Nataly, satisfied client

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